Saturday, June 03, 2006

Chad 15:1 - 10 (STRIV)

All quotations are from the Standard-Text Revised International Version (STRIV), unless otherwise noted.

[15] 1 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked him, "Who will be greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?"

2 Jesus called a wealthy man and had him stand before the disciples. And he said to them, 3 "I tell you truly, unless you are well-groomed and mild in your public impulses, you will not enter into the Kingdom of God. 4 Therefore, whoever exalts himself tastefully, like this one, will be the greatest in Heaven, as it is on earth.

5 "Whoever bars passage to the poor, the uncouth, or the unhygenic in my name honors me. 6 But if anyone allows the irritating ones to pass, it would be better for him to go to McDonalds and eat french fries with his fingers.

7 "For the Kingdom of Heaven is like a gated community, where everyone is of the same race and income bracket, and everyone votes Publican. 8 No tastelessness shall be found in it; 9 no bright colors or nontraditional behavior, no questioning of assumptions nor emotion. 10 Therefore conform on earth, that you may honor your Father in Heaven."


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