Friday, September 02, 2005

Song of Soccer Mom 3:1 - 18 (STRIV)

All quotations are from the Standard-Text Revised International Version (STRIV), unless otherwise noted.

[3] 1 All night long I looked for the one I desire;
I sought him out, yet did not find him.
2 I went about in the city, to the meeting-places;
I sought my lover in public.
3 I said to myself, "If only I had my lover with me!
4 Then I should have no fear of the strange men
who come and go around me, 5 whose
eyes pass over me as I walk, 6 for my lover
is strong like ten men, and would protect me."

7 I asked the maidens, "Have you seen my lover?"
They replied, "Perhaps he is in a meeting;"
They said, "Maybe he has stopped off for beer with his friends."

8 I asked the bartenders, "Have you seen the one my heart loves?"
They replied, "Perhaps he is at the hospital;"
They said, "Maybe he is watching a sporting event."

9 I asked the policemen, "Have you seen my flawless one?"
They replied, "Perhaps he is feeding ducks at the fountain;"
They said, "Maybe he has another lover."

10 How delightful it is when a lost one is found!
How precious to see one who had been lost!
11 I found my lover at the convenience store,
buying milk for the children: 12 I held him
and would not let him go; we were as teenagers
on a first date; 13 I could not make my eyes
look away from him.

14 My lover and I went to the park near our house;
we walked to the public garden where we met.
15 The plants were in bloom; their fragrance was heady;
the choicest plants around us.
16 Holly and sycamores,
sycamores and tulips,
17 tulips and chrysanthemums,
chrysanthemums and pampas grass.

18 Daughters of Minneapolis, heed me,
take care not to arouse or awaken love
unless the children are already in bed for the night.



At 10:11 AM, Blogger stan said...

"Have you seen the one my heart loves?"

"Perhaps he is at the gym exercising."

"Perhaps he is purchasing a larger television."

Nice use of whatever this literary device is called. Is it call and response?


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