Sunday, September 11, 2005

Democrats 16:1 - 23 (STRIV)

All quotations are from the Standard-Text Revised International Version (STRIV), unless otherwise noted.

[16] 1 Oh, God, the Republicans have defiled your holy temple,
they have reduced the social safety net to rubble,
they squander our inheritance on self-promotion.
2 The dead bodies of your servants litter the ground,
rot in water, slip into the country under cover of night,
unphotographed, undocumented, unknown but to their families.
3 The Republicans pour our blood out like water,
leave us exposed, unprotected, objects of derision
by our neighbors, pitied and scorned, reviled and friendless.
4 They leave our bodies for the birds of the air to eat;
the stench is unendurable; no one can stand to bury them.

5 Will you be angry forever, O LORD?
How desperate must our situation get?

6 We would prefer our sons to live among us,
instead of dying in a strange land,
7 we would rather our daughters lived
instead of starving from lack of aid.
8 Our mothers die in their own filth,
waiting for rescue which does not come;
9 those charged with our protection
herd us into camps, shoot at us, abandon us
in our time of greatest need.

10 We have surely done nothing to deserve this, O LORD.
If you turn your back, how can we continue?

11 There are none to hold him accountable; the king
is subject to none but the LORD. 12 We die of thirst
in the streets, arms extended, begging for water;
13 he cuts himself a slice of cake, and picks up the lyre,
a smile on his face. He says, "What didn't go right?"
14 He is well-rested and tanned; he has water to drink
and food to eat; his wives have beautiful new shoes.

15 Will you not punish the arrogant, O LORD?
Are not his boasts offensive to you?

16 LORD, heed the groans of the prisoners, awaken
to the tears of the widows. 17 Expose their mendacity
before the world, so that there will be no one left to say,
"I am a Republican," lest they devour your people.
18 Then we will say, "The LORD is truly almighty and just."

19 Have mercy on us, your desperate ones, O LORD.
Do not abandon us. Remember your promises to your people.

20 Remove the proud ones, LORD; restore what has been taken
from us. 21 Destroy those who enabled their ascent to power;
cause them to suffer as we, your people, have suffered.

22 If the LORD ignores us, who can be for us?
If the LORD forgets his people, who can remember them?

23 Bring justice, O LORD. Let your anger against us cool, lest we perish.



At 1:34 AM, Blogger stan said...

those whiny Democrats!

gotta love 'em!

'cause they're scriptural!!


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