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Ernesto 1:1 - 34 (STRIV)

All quotations are from the Standard-Text Revised International Version (STRIV), unless otherwise noted.

[1] 1 The words of Ernesto, son of Juan. A vision concerning the people of the LORD during the reigns of Ronald, George, Bill, and Georgewalker, kings of America.

2 Then the LORD spoke to me, saying, "Ernesto! Arise, and take down the words I am about to speak to you." 3 And the angel of the LORD appeared before me, and said, "Behold, I have the word of the LORD, which you are to deliver to the people of America, that they might know that I am God." 4 And I was much afraid, and fell upon my face, saying, "But, LORD, I am not a wise man, that anyone should listen to me, nor am I eloquent of speech. 5 Send someone else, for I will certainly fail you."

6 And the angel of the LORD struck me on the cheek, and said, "Tempt not the LORD to anger! 7 He has declared you worthy to bear his message; therefore you will bear it. 8 He will make you able; you shall not fail. 9 His words will be upon your lips; his voice shall issue from your throat."

10 And these were the words of the LORD:

11 America drives her Hummer,
America has the beauty of a dream.
12 I know her landscapes, my hands
shaped her mountains and
formed her seas and rivers.

13 Yet she is unfaithful: America
will not cleave to her LORD;
14 she prefers the gods of the heathens,
the green paper gods,
the cathode ray gods,
the gods of inflated pig's bladders.
15 America laughs at me; she says,
16 "The LORD is old-fashioned;
his ways are not mine; he is unattractive
to me, I will spurn him."

17 My righteous rage boils against her.

18 Give unto me all your dedication, America;
give unto me all of your precious things.
19 I require your devotion and your obedience,
lest I cast you away from me,
into the hands of the communists and the terroristsa,
20 lest I wipe your land from the earth
and mourn for your people.

21 America did tremble;
her people cried out in a loud voice,
22 "LORD, have mercy upon us!"
Yet I held to the instrument of my wrath.
23 She cried, "I will obey you, LORD,
you alone will I worship. I will
rid myself of my false idols."
24 And I replied, "Of all the peoples
in the world, only you are my chosen ones,
only you can be the instrument of my will
on the earth, 25 and bring about my plans
for the end of time. 26 Yet you refuse to
give yourself over wholly; I desire
your obedience but you withhold it from me."

27 And my righteous rage boiled against her.

28 Give unto me all your dedication, America;
give unto me all of your precious things.
29 Cast away your precious laws, your ideals,
lest I smite thee with your enemies the communists,
30 lest I allow the terrorists to enterb your cities,
lest I wipe your land from the earth
and mourn for your people.

31 Yet I caused America's heart to be softened toward me;
America now loves me with her full dedication.
32 "Even the LORD is not loved automatically;
even he must threaten his children with annihilation,
yet he is a loving father who provides for them."c
33 All require love, from the lowliest slave
to the almighty creator of mankind.

34 Yet my righteous rage boiled against her.

aSome ms.: feminists
bSome ms.: infiltrate; Septaguint seep into
cSee also Gloria 2:12-13.



At 10:22 AM, Blogger Jessi Guilford said...

A related manuscript, thought to be earlier (and also believed to be influenced by contemporary Chaldean thought) though not necessarily source material, is located here.

At 1:03 PM, Blogger stan said...

That's a good one. But aren't Hummers false idols too? Or are they excluded from "idol" status because they're mobile?

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Jessi Guilford said...

I think the Hummer is more to set the scene, not because God has particular feelings about it either way. We're supposed to see America driving a Hummer, going "la la la" down the road, or something, while God is having all these feelings about her. Or something like that.

In premillennial dispensationalism, of course, the Hummer represents the Holy Spirit, but that's way beyond my capacity to describe or explain in this little commenting space.


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