Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Presentation 5:15-6:12 (STRIV)

All quotations are from the Standard-Text Revised International Version (STRIV), unless otherwise noted.

15 And I turned, and saw five beasts, with the faces of women, and the bodies of foxes, and tails like unto a peacock's tail. 16 Their wings were as knives, and their bodies were covered all over in eyes, yet the eyes were closed. 17 The beasts were large as several houses, and their dung was white like the clouds, 18 and drifted above the ground, yet the grass was scorched beneath. 19 And I asked the angel who was with me, "What creatures are these?"

20 The angel said to me, "These are the media, which the LORD has given to control the Earth, but only for a time, times and half a time." 21 And he knelt down to pick up the beasts' dung, and commanded me to eat it, saying, 22 it will fill thy mouth to overflowing, yet when you have eaten, your stomach will be emptier than before. 23 And I took of the dung, and ate, and it filled my mouth, 24 yet when I had swallowed, my stomach was left empty.

25 As we watched, the beasts began to sing praises to the Beast, each echoing the words of the one before. 26 And they ran toward one another, ever faster, so that they moved in a circle, 27 and the earth shook with the sounds of their feet. 28 As they approached one another closer, the head of each was swallowed up by the hindquarters of the one before it, and was absorbed, 29 leaving a beast in the form of a ring, with twenty feet, yet without tails nor heads, and the noise was as many armies.

[6] 1 Then three new beasts appeared on the horizon, the first like a wolf, blue as the sky, and with a crown of fifteen gold stars. 2 The second was as a scarlet lion, banded in black stripes, and it wore a crown of five gold stars. 3 The third was as a bear, white as the sun, and its crown was also of fifteen stars. And these three watched as an eagle flew overhead, which was gold, but its head white as snow, and crowned in fifty gold stars. 4 The eagle descended from the heavens, and as it did so it plucked with its beak at its wings, so that it tore out its feathers as it fell, and the more feathers it plucked from itself, the faster it descended, and the faster it descended, the more hurriedly it plucked from itself. 5 Then the Host of Heaven appeared, singing,

6 Woe! Woe unto the fearful!
Woe to the ignorant!
7 Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD,
Who reproves the deceitful,
8 and corrects the path
of the unrighteous!

9 And the eagle, denuded of all its feathers, struck the earth with a terrible sound, and the other beasts set upon it and devoured it, tearing it flesh from flesh, 10 and the bear consumed the head, and the lion the entrails, and the wolf ate the bones and skin, until nothing remained of the eagle, and the stars in its crown were scattered to the winds.

11 I asked the angel who was with me, "What does all this mean?" And the angel replied, "It is a sign of what is to come. 12 Be ye therefore watchful, and take heed of the signs, that you are not taken by surprise."



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