Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Democrats 7:1-23 (STRIV)

All quotations are from the Standard-Text Revised International Version (STRIV), unless otherwise noted.

[1] 1 Not for my sake, O LORD, but for thine,
not for my glory, but for thine, Almighty God!
2 I am imprisoned without walls; yea,
I am a captive without chains.
3 Why does the LORD withhold His salvation?

4 Mine enemies sit in the palaces they have built,
and scheme ways to steal from the people.
5 They say, "The LORD will not save him, for
we do the LORD's will – it is right for us to
6 rob the Temple, to execute the people, to
do battle and take faraway lands for our own plunder.
7 The LORD has chosen us, for we are righteous,
we alone follow His laws." Is it so?
8 O God, is it so?

Where are the prophets of times past?
9 Where are the ones who would stand against treachery,
who would defend the poor, the widows?
10 Who speaks for the young men and women
before they enter battle, when they have not
yet run beside the chariots of war?
11 Who taxes the peasants, then takes from them a second time?
Who removes bread from the pregnant woman's mouth?

12 Their idols are of paper and plastic, that burn up
in the fire, of gold and silver, that rust and melt.
13 Their idols are of wood and stone, ash and sand.

14 This is the way of the Republican: he slaughters
and cooks a lamb from his neighbor's field,
15 eats it and drinks wine with his wives,
shares with his friends, then says, "I am a vegetarian."

16 Rise then up, O LORD, and bring a holy opposition;
call up leaders who will shine light on lies.
17 Restore the economy, while some righteous yet live;
let the nations mock us no longer.
18 Shall we repent in sackcloth, ashes on our heads,
for more years? Shall your anger against us never be sated?

19 It cannot be so.
For the LORD is righteous, and hears the cries
of His people. The LORD is merciful, and will
not cause them to suffer a day past what is required.
20 The heavens, even deepest space, are the LORD's,
yet earth has been given to man.

21 O Democratic Party, trust in the LORD;
He will be thy help and thy shield.
22 Almighty God will bring the wicked to justice,
yea, even Al-Queda shall not escape.
23 The dead praise Him not, therefore the living
shall praise Him: I shall yet trust in the LORD.



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