Saturday, December 11, 2004

Democrats 2:1-22 (STRIV)

All quotations are from the Standard-Text Revised International Version (STRIV), unless otherwise noted.

[2] 1 Lord, how those arrayed against me increase,
and the traps set for me multiply!
2 Many say of me, there is no help for him,
the LORD has abandoned him.
3 Preserve my party, oh Lord! Give ear to my prayer,
and do not fail me, for thou alone art great,
4 and do wondrous things, thou art God alone.

5 My enemies outnumber me on every battlefield,
the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court,
6 they appoint judges to imprison my constituency.
7 Take heed, O Lord, hear my cry!
8 Bolster Roea, fortify the Constitution,
rise up and smite my enemies with their own swords,
9 for I walk in thy truth, and praise thee
with all my heart.

10 Have mercy, O Lord, and rescue my people!
11 My path is strewn with traps, and is without light.
12 Bring my enemies to justice, expose the
machinations of Tom DeLay, uncover the ignorance
of George, lest there be a draft.

13 Most of all, give thy strength to thy servant,
that I might stand against the proud and violent
ones who desire my soul, knowing thou art with me.
14 Let me find a moral position which will be approved
by at least fifty-one percent of the people.
15 For thou art compassionate
and wise, and worthy of praise, and abundant in
grace and truth. Selah.

16 I cry out to you,
O Lord, for charismatic candidates, and a
slightly less biased media, 17 that all nations might
join me in worshiping you, that all might say,
18 "See, the LORD notices the plight of those who serve
him, and brings the evil ones to justice!"
19 Teach me thy ways, that they who hate me may see,
and feel shame at their conduct, before my people
are all poisoned, drafted, or imprisoned,
20 their jobs sent to the East.

21 I know that only thou can help me, O Lord.
No other God is like you. Rise up! Why do you sleep!
22 Rise up and raise your armies, your journalists,
that I might praise your name.

aSome manuscripts: Roe v. Wade.



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This is all quite amusing, intelligent, and well done! Thanks for the smiles and laughs...


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